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Wild Dream Wolf Pack



Here are the available dames for your male dogz. Just choose the wolf you what mated with your male dog and fill out the form below. Attach your male dog into the e-mail.

When the pup is born I name him or her after either the father or the mother and when I send back the pup you can rename him/her.

If you want both dames please send one form (and dog) first and when I return him and the pup, then send the second one. Thanks!

Note: Please don't send any dogz4 wolves unless you absolutely know that your wolf is from the Wolf4 file that can breed.

WSWK's Cascade of Rose Petals (Cascade)

Name: WSWK's Cascade of Rose Petals
Comments: A beautiful wolf! She has the body and eye colors of Pragmatikotis (her grandmother) and her leg colors come from her sire (Intone). Her personality is sweet and well behaved. I have gotten many good show pictures from her. I perdict a variety of beautiful and unique colors of her offspring.


WSWK's Ruby in the Smoke (Rouvinion)

Name: WSWK's Ruby in the Smoke
Comments: Rouvinion has a beautiful coat, I don't know where the red comes from, but it seems to be common in her family. She doesn't enjoy the company of any others except for Cascade. Her offspring may be good show dogz with a variety of colors.


Please fill out this form and e-mail it to me with your male dog attached

Male Dogz Name:
Dame Selected:



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