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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the FAQs that I have been asked. Please read through this page before asking me a question.


What happened to Wild Spirit Wolf Kennelz!!??

     If you weren't here Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th then here's the story:
10/01/00-On Sept. 5 my computer wouldn't start up and on the following weekend we took it to get a new hard drive. The place we took it too ripped us off and put in a used hard drive with someone else's restore CD on it (big mistake). They gave us back our money and the old dead hard drive (Sept. 18) realizing that we knew what they did. We then took it to CompUSA who tried to repair it, but found out that it needed a new part that would cost us $1000. We decided it would be quicker and cheaper to just buy a new computer (since our faithful monitor is still working). That occurred yesterday. The advantage of my computer dieing is that I now have larger space with my new computer (15 GB compared to my old comp with 1 GB) which is what I always wanted, but the disadvantage is that all my files couldn't have been saved. Wild Spirit Wolf Kennelz is now Wild Spirit Lair (The Lair for short) and mostly a wolf site. The dogz stuff is still there but in a different section and wont be update. That means no showz, no new litterz, no adoption center, and no giving out awardz (though if I see a site that really deserves one I'll make a special one for it). Sorry. But I'm still here! Send me a howl if you need help or would just like to chat!

Can I post your white (silver, red, Ethiopian, Mexican) wolf on my webpage?

     Sure! Just be sure to e-mail me telling me that you're posting the breed on your page. I also request that you state that the breed is from Wild Spirit Lair and post a link. That's all! Also when you e-mail me, send a link to your page I'd link to visit it. :)

Can you/you should post a download of Dogz 3 on your page?

     No, I'm very strict about this answer because I've been asked this a lot. It is illegal. You can buy it for a reasonable price at almost any computer store.

Can you send me the white wolf breeding files?

     Sorry, no. It used to be that I refused to because it took too long to send in the e-mail. Now it's impossible because I just don't have them on my computer. I don't even have the dogz3 game installed. You can download winzip at or download my breedz from The PetzGallery.

I want to make a petz site. Can you help me?

     Yes, of course! If you have any question about website making just e-mail me with the question and I'll try to answer it as best as I can. The host I suggest are Tripod, Cybercities (you need to use FTP), or Fortune City.

This download doesn't work! Can you send me the file?

     Once again, no. I know most of my downloads work because I usually test them. But once in a while one or two slip. I usually thank the person who e-mailed me and tell them that it's fixed. Thanx to all who have informed me! Another thing is that now if you want to download something, Tripod sends you to a page where you have to click on the provided link to download.

Pale Rose is very beautiful! Can you send me a copy of her?

     Thank you! But nope. Pale Rose is a special dog to me. But there are litterz of her brothers and sisters. One of the males looks like her!

What program does the breedz work for?

     Dogz3, but they're also aviable in Dogz4 and Dogz2 (see the Breedz page).

Why can't the downloads be in a form other than .zip?

     I know a lot of people don't have winzip, but the only absolute way I can make downloads possible and that is winzip form. I don't have the kind of program to make them .exe (If I did, I would) and if I left them in .pet form they wouldn't download right. If you don't have winzip go to for a free download. Downloading winzip will also help you with other petz sites.