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Show Poses

On a lot of shows I've had, it seemed like a lot of people didn't know what the right pose for a wolf will win (no offense, of course :). This page will show you what kind of poses will win and a little on how I judge.

The points I focus on in judging are the head, ears, eyes, tail, front legs, back legs, shoulders, topline, chest, and belly. 5 points for each which adds up to 50.

The picture below is WSWK's Cascade of Rose Petals (Cascade) in one of her best poses (it could be better though)...

Example 1, Cascade

1. Head-Very nice, to the side like a wolf pose should be. But I can tell it's turned a little so that earns her a 4.
2. Ears-Up straight and pointed forward, but because the head is a little turned it throws off the ears. I would give her ears a 4.
3. Eyes-Very good! Only one eye showing and looking at the camera. 5!
4. Tail-This is excellent too! Nicely curved to her back. 5.
5. Front Legs-Nice and put together, but you can see some of the outside leg. 4.
6. Back legs-All right, but because of the slightly turned body you can see the outside leg sticking out. 3.
7. Shoulders-Straight at first then curves a little at the elbow. Very good! 5.
8. Topline-Dipping from the neck and to the hind. Very good! 5.
9. Chest-Nicely puffed out, but could be puffed a little more, 4.
10. Belly-Puffed at the ribcage and tucks a little at the hind legs. Because of the slightly turned body, you can't see it very much, so 4. (Note: Fat wolves will lose points on this one, keep your wolf in shape.)
Total-43. Very good for this puppy picture. Notice how the slight turn of the body threw almost everything else off.

The picture below is WSWK/BWK's Moonchaser of the Seas (Intone) in his first pose...

Example 2, Intone

1. Head-Excellent! Held high with pride. 5.
2. Ears-Very, very good! Pointed forward and up. You can only see one ear. 5.
3. Eyes-Very good too! Only one eye is shown and it's looking at the camera. 5.
4. Tail-This is very nice, but it could be curved a little more. 4.
5. Front Legs-Feet together and you can almost see only one. 4.
6. Back legs-This is excellent out of my other wolves! 5.
7. Shoulders-Like Cascade's, they are straight at first then curves a little at the elbow. 5.
8. Topline-Good, but since the tail isn't curved enough, the hind isn't up enough. 4.
9. Chest-Nicely puffed out! 5.
10. Belly-Sticking out at the ribcage and really tucked in at the back legs! 5.
Total-47. Excellent for him! I've noticed that most puppies can do better poses than adults, but he did very well!

Well that's it! Check out to see if a show is open and enter your wolf!

Good Luck!

Copyright 1999-2000, by Alix.