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Site of the Month: January

Your site can be the site of the month! Just see if your site applies to the rules and then fill out the form below that.

Rules (must be followed to apply):

+I will not count this unless it's a hard decision

OK! That's it! Yes, it's a lot, but I have to compare sites and I don't want to bother with sites that haven't updated since the beginning of the summer. Your site doesn't have to be big or popular. This is mostly to get unnoticed sites a little more attention. If you win, you will receive a nice award, prize (may be a puppy of Pale Rose or at least her brother or sister), and recognition on this page. I'll ask for a banner to link to your page.

Now just fill out this form and e-mail it to me:
~Subject must be Site of the Month

Your Name:
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Site Name:
Site URL:
Discription of Site*:

*will be posted if you win so you might want to make it good.

November's Site

Puppy Paws Kennelz!

Comments from owner: It's rather small but I have had over 300 visiters.
Comments from me: A great little site that deserves more attention! Take a look at the "Adopt A Raindeer"!

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