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Welcome to The Wild Dream Wolf Pack

Pale Rose and a mysterious wolf friend

     Hello, Pale Rose here again. Welcome to the Wild Dream Wolf Pack! In this page you'll learn about all the members of the WD pack. Which has information on all the wolves including ranks. Also my son and daughters are available for stud and dames and my brothers and sisters are available in litterz for you to adopt. Want to learn about a real wolf pack? Go to the wolf information page. This is not like other site packs where your wolves can join so please don't ask. If you want something like that go to Black Wolf Kennelz. Oh yeah, and the wolves that are members of the pack are not for adoption. We like to show off too so if you know of or are running any shows please tell my owner with a link to that site. Well, enough yaking, lets begin!


The Spirit of the Wolf

So strong that I
would lift my head
and I would cry

For all the pain
and sorrows born
of all the wolves
that man has torn

From there ways
which God hath made
to fields of blood
where millions lay

Now for the wolf, I must say.
There's got to be a better way.
To live together here today.
For crimes of nature, we all pay...

               -"Belle Wulf" '98


Plea of a Wolf

Songs of Triumph,
Songs of despair,
My songs are carried through miles of air.

I cry for my sisters,
I cry for my brothers,
I cry for the deaths of all the others.

Why do you fear me?
What have I done?
I haven't attacked you since life has begun.

My instincts are natural,
I have to obey.
My hunts are native and cannot be swayed.

You need not fear,
The fire in my eyes.
All the tales are nothing but lies.

Please listen to,
What I have to say,
To put all these wars at bay.

There have been times when I have saved you,
I have comforted you and have been your friend.
Now it's me you have to fend

               -By Me, Alix, '99


Copyright 1999, by Alix.