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Help: Frames

Frames can be very difficult to understand when you're first learning so I'll try to explain this as simple as I can.

The two column frames is the simplest. This has the links on one side and the pages on the other. This starts with 3 pages. So make these pages:

links.html-this page has the links on it.

index.html-this is the page that will appear next to the links.

frames.html-this is the page that visitors will actually be at all the time. It is consisted of the links.html and index.html.

This is what needs to go in your frames.html page:

<FRAMESET COLS="20%,80%">
<FRAME SRC="http://links.html">
<FRAME NAME="index" SRC="http://index.html">


That's it for that page. The frames.html page is the link that you want to tell your visitors to go to. FRAMESET COLS="20%,80% is how big the links.html and index.html pages are. You can change these numbers to change the sizes of your pages, but they have to equal 100%. The 20% shown above is the size of links.html and the 80% is the size of index.html.

In links.html before the links you have to put <base target="index"> so that when a link is clicked in links.html the page will change in index.html.

Now you understand the basics of frames. If you want more advanced frames (like mine with more rows and columns) go to to learn more about this.

Questions? Maybe you'd like to know something that isn't on this page. Ask Me.

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