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Help: Links

Here's the HTML for a link:
<A HREF="">Link</A>

You need the </A> at the end to make the link stop or else it would put a link on all of your text and images.

Here's the HTML for putting a link in an image:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="http://imageaddy"></A>

If you don't want the border around the image like this:

then you would put BORDER=0 in your image HTML shown here:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="http://imageaddy" BORDER=0></A>

It would look like this:

Here's another little trick. To make a link open in another window put TARGET="resource window" in your link HTML:
<A TARGET="resource window" HREF="">Link</A>

Also if you have frames and want the person to be able to break out of someone else's frames then you would use TARGET="_top".

If you want someone to be able to click on a link that allows them to e-mail you you would put this on your page:
<A HREF="">e-mail me</A>

If you want a subject already in the e-mail put this:
<A HREF="!">e-mail me</A>

See want I mean?

Now to put downloads on your page. First you need to have your download as a .zip or .exe. Go to to download Winzip. If you post your download just as it is (like in .pet form) then the download wouldn't work. So after "zipping" (right click on file and choose "Add to Zip") you would upload the .zip file to your server (web host) and, if you want, the picture. Let's say we're uploading to our server. Here's the HTML:
<A HREF="">Sparky</A>

See, it just like linking except the .zip or .exe tells it to download. And here's want it would look like if you want people to click on a picture to download:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="http://sparky.gif" BORDER=0></A>

Now, I know you might be a little confused. I remember I was when I saw and was thinking, "that's not really a link". What you upload to your web host (like Tripod) the link would be made up of the web host, your username, and the file name. For me it would be:
<A HREF="">

Remember to always view and test your links and downloads to make sure they're working.

Questions? Maybe you'd like to know something that isn't on this page. Ask Me.

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