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Help: Choosing a Server

There are a lot of servers, or hosts, out there. To choose one you have to know what it offers and what problems there are with it. You need to know that it has the preferences you prefer. A couple of times I've done searches for a new server other than Tripod. In the end I also returned loyally to Tripod and decided that it was as good as it gets. I've made a chart for you to use to help you see what server you would like to use. If there's a server you'd like me to check out and post a review here then e-mail me, I wont mind.

Quick note: all of these servers are free.

Server: Tripod
Space: 50 MBs
Advertisement: You can choose a banner or a pop-up box. I suggest not to use that banner if you have frames. The pop-up box isn't too annoying, after it "pops-up" you can minimize it and it wont pop-up again.
Likes: Tripod is pretty easy to use. It offers basic and advanced templets for making your page. It has a good help section and great offers for your site. There's an easy to use filemanager and a site mover that will upload all of your files from you old server if you already have a site.
Dislikes: It can make the site a little slower at loading and the filemanager can take a while to load. When a visitor tries to download something another page loads to "inform" them that it is hosted by Tripod (as if you cared). You can't post pictures on other hosted pages (for example; putting a banner on a top 25 list), it will appear broken.

Server: Fortune City
Space: 100 MBs
Advertisement: a banner.
Likes: Great offers to further your site. It's a little easy to use, but it could be a little simpler. You can register your Fortune City site to get a free V3 URL.
Dislikes: After a visitor leaves a page to another a little "Sites like this one" window pops-up. Sometimes you it wont allow you to update.

Server: Angelfire
Space: 5 MBs, but you can apply for up to 30 MBs.
Advertisement: A banner or a pop-up box. The pop-up box is annoying because if you go to another page in the site the box will pop-up again even if it was minimized.
Likes: The Web Shell is easy to use and so is the help. It has games that you can put onto your site.
Dislikes: To my standards, Angelfire really isn't a good host (SMD3 used to be on Angelfire until I moved it to Tripod). The Web Shell is easy to use, but not a very good way to keep track of your files. It doesn't have very many offers for your site. It is also known to shut down sites. I only suggest using Angelfire as a host only if you're not planning on a big site.

Server: Geocities
Space: 15 MBs
Advertisement: A small box on the left upper corner of your pages.
Likes: Has some good add-ons for your site and good help pages.
Dislikes: GeoCities has really been annoying me lately. Whenever I visit a GeoCities hosted page and I stop the loading because it'll take too long, it wont let me click on a link or go anywhere else. It totally messes up my browser and I have to restart my computer to make it work again. The File Manager isn't very easy to use.

Server: Homestead
Space: 12 MBs
Advertisement: A frame at the bottom of your page.
Likes: It's easy to use.
Dislikes: Homestead is disorganized. It sometimes doubles your text and when you put a link on a picture it kind of "flouts" next to the picture. I have heard that you can't make frames on Homestead.

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