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Welcome to Wild Spirit Lair!

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Hello! Welcome to Wild Spirit Lair! Wild Spirit Wolf Kennelz has had a make-over. If you don't know what happened, go to the FAQ Page. This is mainly a wolf page now, but petz owners are still welcome! I'm Alix, the creator of this site! If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to e-mail! Start off by clicking one of the links in the frame below. Also please respect my work and follow the copyright. Thanks for coming! Enjoy!

WSWK opened July 22, 1999 | WSL began October 1, 2000

Join the Wild Wolf Society, a RPG for wolf luvers!

Paws and Claws-Wolf RPG

One thing that we're sure to say,
Is that Neopets just like to play...
...Owning a Neopet is so much fun,
So join the game and adopt one!
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