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Meet Me

Who's behind Wild Spirit Lair? This should answer those not-so-mind-boggling questions.


Nick Name: Alix

Age: 16

Birthday: January 10


Siblings: 1 older sister, Katie (See her site: Kat's Lair)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown (practically black)

Born in: Northern Virginia

Lives in: I moved once to another part of northern Virginia :)

Pets: 2 mini apricot poodles,
Bear-male, 4, older brother to Ginger, personality: timid, basically a wuss (that's how we got him).
Ginger(mine)-female, about a year old, younger sister to Bear, personality: bold, wild, mission in life: torture her older brother, but lately he's been standing up to her.
1 rabbit-Mavre (the crazy black rabbit of death).
One highlight of my childhood was breeding rabbits. We usually had about 7 rabbits when none of them had a litter. Eventually, they died of old age or kidney problems. Mavre is from they first (living) litter we had ever experienced. She's about 9 now, but she's a tough bunny. She's black with a white nose and had earned the name "crazy" one fateful winter day when the hutch lid had closed on her head. That was probably about 6 years ago, but she still dives for her box grunting and squealing whenever the hutch is opened.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, art, use to play the clarinet (4 years), working on my webpage (since Nov. '98), horse-back riding (7 years), and surfing (in NJ).

Favorite books: The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt and Watership Down by Richard Adams

Favorite Authors: Dick Francis, Brian Jacques, Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Tamora Pierce, and Phillip Pullman's His Dark Material

Favorite Sports: Basketball and Badminton

Least Favorite Sports: Football and Softball

Favorite Movies: The Frightners and The Fifth Element

Favorite Comedies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Mel Brooks movies

All-time Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Seasons: Fall/Winter (you can tell by my stories)

Personality: A lot of people say I'm quiet, but that's mostly people I don't see very often and teachers. I'm mostly talkative around my friends. I can also be wierd and/or sarcastic. I love to write nonsense and usually do if I'm bored in chat rooms or message boards. I'm a perfectionist; I like everything to be neat or in some kind of order.

Wild Essence

Growing Mists (part 2 to WE)

Wild Spirit

Take a slice of wind and keep it by your heart.
Taste the sweet sky as it captures your breath.
Stand in the eye of a hurricane just for the thrill.
Listen to the wolf's howl and allow it to touch your soul.
Watch the ocean's anger without fear.
Smell the afternoon rain and breath in its power.
Touch the night and
Ride the wind.
Let your spirit run wild.

                -Alix '99

The Traveler

I can see behind the shields that people carry like a mistrusting secret unwilling to be shared, my eyes can see the present future rolling torment in the waves of stars crying out without breath . . . breathe deeply it will return . . . without, without, running in the light heading towards the dark blindly escaping from what will come . . . but it will still come . . . the fire sways sinuously dancing and burning with the rhythm of the thousand waves brilliant colors swirling, turning . . . never stopping . . . a whisper of truth, a glimmer of hope . . . there shall never be a more precious moment . . . corruption burns all the same, I huddle in my mind with and without, with and without . . . crawl closer . . . I face towards the light back towards the dark questioning realities steady progress . . . truth is to be seen . . . but I do see the truth that burns around us and I listen to the voices that whisper in my ear so deafening . . . so very deafening . . . hunger eats away from within forming a veil of mist over the senses bringing forth the demons the canít be seen but are still there . . . crying out from within the darkness bashing itself against your soul . . . only here can time be stopped manipulated to do our bidding a vortex spinning, turning, swirling, distorting. . . depth is a thing that cannot be measured here . . . pulling everything in itís path I am pulled with the others grabbing hold for the edge of time as if being pulled under the current breaking free gasping for air . . . forever gasping . . . I swallow my pride and help the others out just to see the happiness on their faces but there are too many . . . shame there are too many . . . but I try still try to catch and gather the tears of truth that fall like rain splashing on the cleansing dirt, the clouds are high and forgiving . . . but are mistrusted by some . . . of those that I can offer my breath, my voice, my mind, my soul . . . all that is accepted is hope . . . hope so much hope . . .

                -Alix '01

My quotes:
"You're just jealous because the voices talk to me."
"The pink elephants just follow, they don't talk back."
"Never trust a man with a chicken on his head."
"Yes, I'm weird. But aren't we all weird in that weird way? OK, maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but at least it does to me...or does it? Oh great, now I've confused myself again."
"uh, huh. Fine. Yeahsure."
"I am the black rabbit of death!!!"

I got Dasos at! I got Nychta at! I got Taema at!