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Sent In Litterz

These are litterz that are sent to me by other people. To adopt a dog from one of these litterz click on the maker's e-mail (which is below the picture) to request that dog. Please don't e-mail me because I don't have the .pet file!

Click here if you'd like to send in a litter.

litterz by

Show Pupz; by

Desert: available
Sand Dune: available
Mulch: available
Red Ash: available

Aussie Flowers; by

Flannel: available
Bottle Brush: available
Banksia: available
Waratah: available


litterz by

TreasureKeeper and MemoryTaker; by

TreasureKeeper: available
MemoryTaker: available

Fill out this form to adopt from this litter:
Your name:
Your e-mail:
Which wolf you want:
Number of wolves you own:
Will you take good care of him?:
Will you return him if you can't take care of him?:
Why do you want him?:
Do you abuse?:

E-mail this to

What to see your own litter up here? Now you can! If you enjoy making litterz, but don't have a webpage then e-mail me.

1. Send in your litter.
1a. send your litter as one pic with the wolves' pic and gender-coded names.
1b. send your litter as individual pic, but tell me the names, genders, and (if you have one) the theme. I'll do the rest.
2. After I post your litter, people will e-mail you requesting a dog. You send them that dog and then e-mail me telling me who was adopted. I'll mark it off on this page.

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