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Naming Your Pet

First off, you need a simple or semi-complex call/nick name for your pet. For example, Zippy or Pale Rose (or for a longer call name, Triandafilou).
Things to think about when naming your pet...

Making a Show Name for Your Pet


There are three parts of a show name. The title, the kennel (site), and the name itself.


The Title of a show name is basically how many points your pet has. You can determine your petz title by about any point system. The title goes at the beginning of the show name. Example:

SGCh. SMD3's Snowy Christmas

The titles are, Rc., Ch., GCh., MGCh., and SGCh. If your pet is just starting, leave that part of the name blank until they earn points.


The Kennel name says where your pet is from. It goes after the title. If you don't have a kennel (site) then you can put your own name instead or the name of the kennel of where you got it. Example:

RCh. Alix's Moonglow of the Night

If you do have a kennel or you got the pet from a different kennel, then you can either use the initials or the whole thing. Example:

Wild Spirit's Ochrio Radon tou Iouvios
or (the way I use it)
WSWK's Ochrio Radon tou Iouvios

You can either have possessive at the end (above) or you don't have to. Either way counts.


The Name is, of course, very important. It can, however, be anything, long or short, silly or serious. It can fit the call name if you want. Example:

SGCh. SMD3's Snowy Winter, call name: Winter

or it doesn't

Ch. SMD3's To the Limit, call name: Merlyn

It can be the name of a song, a quote, or anything you want!

Have Fun!

Copyright 1999-2001, by Alix.