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WSWK's Wolf Shows

Not Accepting Entries


  • Only Wolves, can be mixes (as long as it resembles a wolf; fluffy tail, fuzzy fur, great dane-like body)
  • If is is a mix please list them in the form (ex. Breed(s): White Wolf/Dalmation/Wolf)
  • No clothes on wolf - No exceptions
  • Show poses win
  • Only bmp. pics
  • Do not edit your wolf's pic (I can spot them)
  • Subject of e-mail Must be 21thWolfShow *
  • Attach pics, do not embed
  • Enteries can be sent in same e-mail
  • 2 or less entries per person
  • If your wolf has won a show before, they can be entered again only if it's a different picture

If these rules are not followed, your wolf will be disqualified. If you forget to attach the pic I can't notify you, but if you catch your mistake it's fine. Also if you want to ask me question about the shows, put it in a different e-mail with a different subject.

The shows run for about two weeks then are closed for judging. Winners are notified by e-mail.

Sorry to be stricted, but this makes it so much easier for me and some people don't listen.

Please copy and paste this form and send to me:

Your Name:
Dogz Show Name:
Dogz Call Name:
Your e-mail:

*This is important, I have filters for the shows.

Please don't edit

Copyright 1999-2000, by Alix.