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(this mostly refers to the wolfhater; the "you" refers to him/her)

There has been a disturbance in the guestbook! A wolfhater! But be that as it may, I am just going to dismiss this person's incompetence and fight it out with truthful reason. For one thing that is not Sara Howard by the obvious: 1. She's too nice to say something like that 2. She is the first of the petz community to make the wolf breed 3. She has website chat based on a wolf pack.

Those so-called "real facts": 1. wolves kill to eat and survive (not that I'm trying to bring guilt, but humans will kill animals just for fun) 2. wolves will kill each other because of many reasons: dominance, wolves crossing territory...(hello? Humans will kill each other; other animals will kill each other) 3. Yes, wolves have killed humans, but that's because these wolves were sick (ever heard of rabies?), I have heard this statement hundreds of times: "there has never been a record of a healthy wolf killing a human." That stands as a fact. Anyway bears have mauled many humans (but don't go attacking the bear now!) 4. Yes, wolves have killed pets, but that's mostly because of dominance and humans moving in on their territory. 5. wolves don't even know what a car is! Why should they care about the paint? Wolves will pee on things to mark their territory (many species of animals will do the same thing; my male rabbits spray the back of their hutches).

Oh those poor farmers! You know, wolves will sometimes hunt farmers livestock because farmers will kill the herbivores (because the herbivores eat the livestock's grass) in that area leaving the wolves no choice but to hunt the slow animals just to survive. They're "supposed" to mate with 1 female? Well, did you tell them that? Did you site down with a wolf and explain that they shouldn't mate with more than 1? Of course not! They don't understand that! It's instinct for them to mate as much as possible to keep their species alive. I can not believe what was said in the last paragraph! "We do not impose on violence, but we do suggest the destruction of them!" That's still violence! Killing out the wolves disturb the balance of nature greatly! Herbivores, such as deer, would populate in tremendous results eat up the grass and other plants, run through our streets (people have been killed from hitting deer with their car). Before America was populated by humans, the balance of nature with herbivores and carnivores was perfect sometimes with its ups and downs. Didn't you learn of anything in Biology?? I suggest you sit down and read some books on wolves and actually learn about them.

And my site is sooooo much better then that pathetic thing you call a site!